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Emotional Coaching

Next Level Service

With over a decade of experience in education, working with children in a pastoral role and as a designated safeguarding officer, I know how important children's emotional and mental wellbeing is for their development.

With budgets cuts and high CAHMS and Social service thresholds, it is becoming more and more difficult for schools to support their children, which may have a direct impact on academic results.

By hiring an independent mentor, your school can support pupils without having to spend thousands on an employment contract. 


During sessions, we build a positive mindset amongst children and others around them, decreasing anxiety, developing emotional literacy, self-esteem.


How do I plan my sessions?


After a first assessment, I build and share a S.M.A.R.T goals plan. Then each session is completely tailored to the child’s needs. Our sessions may include:

  • Mentoring through art and play

  • Building language through Lego

  • Reading and comprehension using ‘Blooms Taxonomy’ techniques

  • Mindfulness


You decide how many hours per week you will need and which child will receive the service.