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Outreach Services

Schools, Children Services and Children and Youth CLubs

An effective way to support emotional well being across the community

I am an accredited Restorative Justice Mediator, with thirteen years' experience working with children and young people in a pastoral role. I specialise in high functioning autism, SEMH, safeguarding and more recently, restorative practice implementation. I have worked in both mainstream and specialist SEMH provisions and I also work privately offering a holistic therapeutic service for children and their families, delivering bespoke support.
Following the success of my latest implementation, I have decided to extend my business by offering my services to schools. I have developed a restorative practice programme which can be adapted to suit the needs of your school. The advantage of adopting such a package would be immediate impact without long term contractual or employment obligations.
Implementation of such a programme in your school would support the development of:
* Confident, self-assured learners with excellent attitudes to learning;
* Pupils' respect for different perspectives and the ability to self-reflect;
* Pupils with good spiritual, moral, social and cultural values, making them valuable members of the school community and the wider society;
* Pupils' understanding of how their attitudes and behaviours can impact on their futures;
* Increased pupil attendance and therefore attainment through a sense of responsibility and motivation to learn;
* Strategies to decrease the number of serious behaviour incidents by effective conflict resolution amongst staff and pupils;
* A more inclusive approach amongst pupils, where differences and needs are accepted respected;
* Emotional literacy and empathy, leading towards a decrease in bullying and aggressive behaviour;
* A school environment where pupils feel safe and valued.

Peer Mediator training

Supporting children to take responsibilities

Peer mediation programmes are used in schools to teach students the principles and techniques of conflict resolution so that they can solve their own minor disputes. As an accredited mediator I developed a unique 10 week programme to train children in both primary and secondary schools, to use a systematic mediation process to resolve disputes.

Restorative Approach implementation

Design the best package for your school

Transforming your school into a restorative school will improve overall behaviour; decrease bullying incidents and develop children's emotional literacy and well being.

Emotional Coaching

With the budgets shrinking every year, it is very hard to employ a full time therapist or mentor to your school. As an independent provider I can provide just the amount of hours needed for your pastoral case load.