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Restorative Approach implementation

Design the best package for your school


The restorative philosophy can provide effective strategies for dealing with pupil discipline, bullying, and all inappropriate behaviour; and as a conversational tool can be used to deal with any incident within the school setting where harm has been caused to relationships. A whole school approach can be as relevant to disputes between staff as it is to disputes between pupils.

 It is important to involve, wherever possible, parents, governors, mid-day meal supervisors, support staff, teachers and senior leadership when implementing a restorative practice. The idea is that there are many pieces of a jigsaw which, put together, create a congruent whole- school approach to relationship building and conflict management.


How would you benefit from it?


DfES guidance on school discipline policies states that they should: “Set out the boundaries of what is acceptable, the hierarchy of rewards and sanctions and how they will be fairly and consistently applied.”  A well implemented and established restorative school will se e:


  • A decrease in bullying, racial and sexual harassment incidents

  • Improvement of children’s emotional literacy

  • Empathy development amongst staff and pupils

  • Higher attainment, especially for pupil premium children

  • Better behaviour across the school

  • Promotion of self-discipline and proper regard for authority among pupils.